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Green Energy Evolution and Logistics

May 23, 2017


This article corresponds to the increase in demand for fossil fuels and about climate change. NWA Courier is responsible for use of fossil fuels to accomplish its mission as most businesses and individual folks are today. Our core driven long term focus delivers a shift to that of renewable energy consumption. 


We are doing this through a number of means. Thoughtful and intelligent dispatch with an eye toward automation. No, machines are not going to take our jobs, they are augmenting and learning to allow scaled manifold change. Change NWA Courier is directing to lower our carbon footprint. 


1. Software. Our software development, courierfluent is a first, not last step toward machine intelligence in the courier industry. 


2. Adding Electric Cars. Our company and associate base electrification of automobiles are seeping into the mainstream at competitive market rates. Coming full circle, and far more efficient by orders of magnitude, they can be powered by our renewable energy sources.


3. Solar energy. NWA Courier's Bentonville Arkansas Office sends out more power to the grid than what it uses. Our 125 panel array powers: our first electric car, our 6000 square foot building and a portion of our neighbors electrical needs.


4. Intelligent Design. From mitigating urban run off into bioswales (pictured below) for rainwater retention, to using the earth via geothermal to heat and cool our 6000 square foot home office space. We will continue to focus on developing our effort to succeed with our mission into the future.


In thinking about future generations beyond our sight, our Bentonville Office Facility demonstrates a human effort in bending the arc of time for the good of all.

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