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The times are exciting now, among those wanting to engage carbon offsets and logistics solutions

July 29, 2019

       I miss and am in process to get back in the swing of what I'd recommend, semi to annual engagement with industry peers for terms of best practice and relational awareness. From here the advantaged prospects for industry offerings of flexibility, scale and share growth are driven by key technological advancements. These relational advantages are currently seen as algorithms that automate offerings to vetted driver crowd. A focal point of many in the industry at this time. What makes things more intriguing to me is that fact a person could demonstrate how both best customer service results and carbon offsets are tied together in the same effort in business development. Accomplishing more with less, resources, time, fuel, distance, all are considered and included here. Allow for room for these advancements to better results toward all those involved in a delivery or series of deliveries.  


     At the end of the day what makes the most difference for participant are those involved. People make it happen. People get it done. People respond to others in need. Allow for this to happen and see your connections to grow.  We are all connected in one way or another and the transportation logistics delivery industry gives tangible evidence of this.



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