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Pharmaceutical Routes and Home Infusion
Specimen Logistics

With the vital importance of medical specimen deliveries, more diagnostic labs move closer toward a third party delivery firm to perform this vital task. Here are some reasons to consider NWA Courier for your specimen delivery requirements.



Cost Reduction and Core Focus

Allowing a specialized firm handle medical specimen delivery can help lower costs. Diagnostic labs undergoing growth seek to invest in new equipment and training. To purchase and maintain a fleet of vehicles is an important extra task to keep up with. Outsourcing allows a laboratory to allocate capital to expand core competencies, equipment upgrades, staff training, and hone a specialized focus.


Risk Management


Insurance costs continue their rise. The risk and management costs associated with in-house medical specimen delivery trends higher as a result. Medical specimen labs can transfer the risk by outsourcing deliveries and pickups to a third-party provider. NWA Courier is especially organized around absorbing this responsibility.


Proper Handling and Chain of Custody

Some diagnostic lab directors have concern toward a third-party handling their specimens. Professional logistics firms use industry standard training to ensure driver skill sets are in place. Also, utilizing technology provides tracking of specimens through the chain of custody. We focus on the security of this vital cargo and guarantee service results.


With NWA Courier, our professionals are reliable and maintain a focus on patient care that shows. Please allow us to handle your medical specimen deliveries.


All of our couriers, and dispatchers are medical specimen trained and educated. We stay up to date with new policies and protocol in the ever changing medical field. 


We offer STAT specimen transportation with pickups and deliveries within the hour.  

We also offer Next Flight Out, which serves the niche market of nationwide specimen transportation to world-renound testing and treatment centers.

Hospital Equipment &  Supplies

Medical Industry Logistics Specialists


NWA Courier has long held the belief that our service in the medical field requires a special detailed focus. We handle medical logistics in order to complete the patient care cycle. This includes critical medical specimen transport in both regional and national laboratories. Life saving deliveries make a vital difference for those we serve. Please read more below.

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